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We know exactly how to deal with graffiti when faced with this troublesome issue.


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We have the specialist industrial equipment available to ensure that graffiti is completely removed from any surface. We also make sure that we do not disrupt your commercial activities nor your daily lifestyle, with a quick and efficient cleaning service provided every time.

Clearly Window Cleaning use non-damage systems which removes all types of graffiti from limestone, sandstone, Brickwork, plastic signage, Perspex, motor vehicles etc. without the use of high pressure or abrasives.

For a Quick Quote and Quick Response please email us a photo of the Graffiti.

Very professional, reliable service. The staff carry out their work efficiently, with minimal disruption to the office.

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  • Clearly Window Cleaning uses the latest environmentally friendly products to provide a range of graffiti removal services.

  • We will visit the site where graffiti is present and carry out a thorough assessment beforehand.

  • Clearly Window Cleaning can completely remove graffiti whilst protecting surfaces, thereby reducing overall costs.

Graffiti can be an offensive eyesore and create a negative impression of an area. Solvent Spray paints can also be damaging to buildings, monuments, and statues and are harmful to the environment.

Graffiti attracts more graffiti unless it is removed promptly. The quicker it is removed, the better. If left, the solvent will dry into the pores of the surface and become more difficult to remove.

Call us as soon as you discover graffiti; our rapid response time and advanced cleaning techniques safely remove graffiti and minimize the need for remedial paintwork. Our accredited technicians use environmentally friendly solutions and specialist equipment to ensure graffiti is removed safely and efficiently.

Statistics show that if graffiti is removed within 48 hours, it is highly unlikely to re-occur. Quick action allows no time for the negative association to form with graffiti artists or visitors. The spray paints that are used can vary and the length of time graffiti has been left untreated will indicate a tailored course of action to remove it. Our trained operatives will choose from a range of graffiti removal solutions to achieve the best possible results. Our advanced technology enables us to remove the most challenging graffiti.


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